Destination Price

1. Who Is J. Bair? (Produced by PremTouch)
2. PTP
(Produced by PremTouch)
3.  H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics) ft. DJ Smitty
Been A Long Day ft. Chantz Kacey (Produced by T. Webb)
5. Goodbye ft. Tara Thompson (Produced by PremTouch)
6. California Dreamin' ft. J Skama (Produced by PremTouch)
7. The Last ft. Phene & DJ Dub Floyd (Produced by PremTouch)
8. Where's Your Head At?? (Produced by PremTouch)
Is It You? (Produced by E.Pinck) 
10. Feelin' Ya Pain (Produced by PremTouch)
Drama ft. J Skama (Produced by PremTouch)
12. I Had A Feeling (Produced by Vinny-Mac)

Gunshot Blast (Produced by E.Pinck)
14. H-I-P H-O-P
(Back To Basics) {remix} ft. Craig G, Sadat, and DJ Smitty) (Produced by Aganee)

15. This Is My Life (Produced by PremTouch)

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Business Instead of Game

1. Paying Homage
2. I Wanna Rock (J. BAIR/DJ Smitty mix)
3. Victorious! Feat. Da Ritt
4. 10 Rap Classics (Part 1)
5. Playas Anthem freestyle
6. "Stay Fresh. Stay Focused & Stay Real”
7. I’m Ready
8. All About The Benjamins (Level One
    radio freestyle)
9. Hood Banger #6 feat. Ra Dash, Rock On
    & Jfreshtadef
10.  “Two of the best”
11.  Harrisburg’s Finest feat. Craig Boogie
      & Dunn Deals
12.  Can I Talk To You (Family Tree Pt.1)
13.  We In The House Yall feat. Craig
14.  One-On-One with Pennsylvania Sean
15.  Yo, He Nice! (Business Instead of
      Game version)
16.  Audacity feat. DJ Smitty
17.  This Is Hip Hop freestyle
18.  Spit My Game feat. J Saint
19.  “Intermission”
20.  Drugs, Baby feat. Niagra
21.  Exhibit BAIR


Destination Prices

1. Let's go J.
2. PTP 2 ft. DJ Smitty
3. Can I Talk To You??
4. Right here with me
5. So Clear ft. Alonda Rich
6. Anything ft. AR
7. Black Clouds & Rainbows ft. Joe Lamb, AL 
    Cloud, and Plane Jaymes
8. Bobby Speaks
9. Mind of The Police ft. Jasiri X & Julia Mallory
10. The Essence ft. Torae & Masta Ace
11. The Hustle ft. JohnBorn
12. I'm Different ft. DJ Smitty
13. All about...
14. Gemini ft. Chantz Kacey
15. Without You
16. We All Go Through
17. POH
18. Make My Exit
19. Finish Strong!






Entire Album in MP3 Format (Download)
Only .99˘

1. Gunshot Blast {produced by E. Pinck for
    Headbanger Pro}
2. Trend Setter {produced by PremTouch}
3. Gunshot Blast (instrumental)
4. Trend Setter (instrumental)
5. Gunshot Blast (accapella)
6. Trend Setter (accapella)


Entire Album in MP3 Format (Download)
Only .99˘

90% Hustle, 10% Sleep

Entire Album in MP3 Format (Download) Only .99˘

1."I'm a hustla"
2. You're Gonna Luv Me
3. Never Heard ft. Young Cream & Craig
4. They Hatin' ft. Dunn Deals & AL Cloud
5. Count This Cash (remix) ft. Ave Cloud &
    AL Cloud
7. HoodBanger #5 ft. Take Money, Sean
    Broxx, n.o.t.s, & Dunn Deals
8. I Just Might Be (produced by J. Wills)
9. "Be yourself"
10. Wanna Be (remix) ft. Ave Cloud
     {produced by C.L. Green}
11. "That's not HIP HOP"
12. H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics) {J. BAIR
13. "Let me holla at you"
14. Sex You Up
15. This Is It ft. AL Cloud & Ave Cloud
16. Gunshot Blast {J. BAIR mix}
17. "I got what you need" (amirh)
18. Goodbye {J. BAIR mix)
19. "I love you"
20. Like You Do ft. Lee Green
21. You're Gonna Luv Me pt. 2

1. "Shoot a bootleger”
2.   Hard In Booth
3. I See Right Thru To You (freestyle)
 4. Million Bucks (freestyle)
5. Inkredible (Central PA mix) ft. Aganee, Phene, and Nino Maroon
 6. Hell Na {produced by PremTouch}
7. Never Was Feelin’ Them ft. Speedy & Craig Boogie
8. “Don’t even buy albums”
9. Triple Threat (freestyle) {produced by Q Da Beatz}
10. Bair, Broxx, and Blackston ft. Sean Broxx & Mr. Blackston
11. “Why wouldn’t you buy a bootleg?”
12. Hollywood Chick ft. Da Ritt
13. #1 Fan ft. Young Cream & Filthy Rich1
14. M.L.K. (Make ‘em Love Knowledge)
15. Now or Neva (freestyle)
16. There 4 U (freestyle)
17. “We goin’ worldwide”
18. F U (J. BAIR/PremTouch mix)
19. “Much respect”
20. The Cypher {produced by E Pink} ft. Candyman Xclusive, S Monz, J Bricks, and Filthy Rich


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